RELEASE: Unrig Our Economy Iowa Launches to Fight for an Economy that Works for Working People



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RELEASE: Unrig Our Economy Iowa Launches to Fight for an Economy that Works for Working People

Local economic campaign names fighting corporate concentration, rewriting the tax code, and building worker power as essential to growing the middle class


Des Moines, Iowa — Today, Unrig Our Economy Iowa launched to rewrite the rules of our economy to take power back for working people of Iowa, kicking off with a press conference this morning. Over the coming months, Unrig Our Economy Iowa will uplift the stories of district residents and shine a light on where their Representatives stand — with them or with corporations and the rich who’ve rigged our economy against them.


“When the middle class does well, we all do well. When working people have more money in their pockets, everyone does better. But Congresswoman Ashley Hinson has stood by and enabled the wealthy and corporations to get richer while working people get the short end of the stick,” said Sue Dinsdale, Executive Director of Iowa Citizen Action Network. “The people of Iowa deserve better. This campaign will make the case that popular progressive economic policies are the key to lowering costs, raising wages, and giving power back to the hardworking people of Iowa.”


Through storytelling, grassroots organizing, and paid media, Unrig Our Economy Iowa will make the case to elected officials, policymakers, and the American public that Congresswoman Hinson has enabled corporations and the wealthy to rig the economy for themselves and against working people — and that building a strong and vibrant middle class starts with unrigging it.


The working people of Iowa deserve a leader who stands up for working people, but

Congresswoman Hinson has made it clear that her priority is maintaining the status quo that benefits the ultra-wealthy — by voting against the American Rescue Plan, which invested billions of dollars in middle-class families and helped save us from economic recession, as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill that will create thousands of jobs and help fix our state’s roads and bridges.


Unrig Our Economy Iowa will hold Congresswoman Hinson accountable for letting

corporations and the super wealthy rig the rules against us.


Click here for a recording of today’s press conference.

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About Unrig Our Economy Iowa

Unrig Our Economy Iowa is a local campaign to fix the rules of our economy to make it work for working people. We know that when the middle class does well, all of us do well — which is why we’re fighting on behalf of working Americans and holding corporations, their wealthy executives, and the politicians who enable them. Unrig Our Economy Iowa is a coalition of organizations, including Hawkeye Area Labor Council AFL-CIO, Indivisible Iowa, Iowa Citizen Action Network, and Progress Iowa.